Blending the Authentic Flavors of Mexico City into a Mystical Mouthwatering Experience

Body Slam Your Hunger at Taco Libre

Authentic Mexican food in West St. Paul and Oakdale, MN

Do other Mexican restaurants in West St. Paul or Oakdale, MN, have you in the sleeper hold? Make your way to Taco Libre, where we’re dishing out Mexican cuisine as it should be: fast, fresh and fulfilling. Come grab a taco or two for lunch and bring the posse for dinner to take in the tastes of Mexico cuisine and the libre spirit.

You want authentic? We’re the undisputed champ

Savor some flavor straight out of Mexico City

Our head chef chose the chef’s hat and jacket over a mask and cape, but his skills in the kitchen are as fierce as any luchador’s in the ring. Hailing from Mexico City, our chef knows what it takes to create authentic Mexican food. Pair that with our insistence on using the freshest ingredients and you’ve got a title-worthy dynamic duo. Visit our Mexican restaurant in West St. Paul or Oakdale, MN, today for fast, fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Can you handle the heavyweight?

Pick up a machete and pin your appetite down for the count

Does your hunger have you on the ropes? Pick up our tremendous taco, the machete, for a meal that’s sure to satisfy any size appetite. Or if you don’t want to go a full round with the machete, you can choose from an assortment of tacos, tortas and more, all made with fresh ingredients and authentic Mexican style.

We invite you to visit Taco Libre in West St. Paul or Oakdale, MN, today to enjoy the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine and the libre spirit.

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